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Architectural Services

Any design has a direct and positive impact on people's life. Since our inception our way of thinking has been transdisciplinary this helps us give a more user-centric architectural solution. A pioneer in our field our collective experience aids in implementation of design as envisioned.

As a practice architecture has always been an analytical , creative and artistic procedure. The services offered are that of new- build, renovation and master planning. Make each of our designs unique and as an intensive dialogue not only for the consumer but also for the community. The procedure followed is from schematic conceptual design; evolving throughout the design development till the final construction documentation.

Service Features

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Document

Detailed Procedure

Schematic Design
Interior view of the building, Intelligent libraries for various building components with different specifications, 3D Visualization.
Design Development
Floor Plans, Elevations, Building Schemes, Information on quantities, material specifications, time schedules and costs.
Construction Document
Building Sections, Staircase/ Vertical Circulation details, Construction details.

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